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Private Swim Lessons  

Offered year round.  Call the Aquatics Department at 760-789-4146.

Water Aerobics | Ramona Oaks Pool

Morning and Evening Classes!  Pay monthly and receive a discount or pay per class.
All classes are taught with music and are suitable for all fitness levels. Equipment is provided and swimming skills are not required to participate.  You can make this class as easy or as hard as you would like! Visit the website at  To register call Kim Arras at 760-533-1531 or enroll at class.

Ramona Masters Swim Team | San Vicente Pool

Classes are held Tuesday and Thursday, 6:30 - 8 am for $45 per month. 
Ramona Masters is open to all adult swimmers whether it is for fitness, triathlete training, competitive, or non-competitive training.  It is for those dedicated to improving their fitness through swimming. You MUST be registered with USMS too. Call 760-789-4146 for information.

Ramona Swim Team | San Vicente Pool

Ramona swim team provides a swimming program at the San Vicente Pool.  This program covers all aspects of competitive swimming for swimmers that range in ability from the beginning competitive swimmer to National qualifiers. No prior competitive experience is necessary.  A water test of swimming two lengths of a 25-yard pool will be given.  Each swimmer is placed in a group matching their age and skill level.  All levels receive professional training and instruction; all pools are heated year round to a comfortable 80 degrees. For team information, Email: Coach Jolyn at